As an electrical contractor in Spearfish SD, we consistently deliver professional, client-focused electrical, heating and cooling services in Western South Dakota!

Electrical Services

Adhering to the highest safety and quality standards, we pride ourselves on our legacy of electrical expertise–from simple to complex power systems


Generator Services

Ensuring your safety and productivity during power outages, our technicians install and service portable and standby generators for home and business owners.


Solar Energy

Foltz and Sons Electric, is a leading solar contractor specializing in the design, construction and integration of solar systems for homes, businesses and large-scale facilities. Fusing innovation with time-tested craftsmanship, we provide high-performance solar system repair, retrofit and installation solutions.


Solar Water Pumps

LORENTZ pumps are the world’s most efficient solar pump. They are used for deep well pumping, pressurization, irrigation, home water systems, mobile systems, water purification systems, filtration and pool circulation, pond aeration and livestock watering.